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Temporal Boundaries Performance Art Series

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January 21, 2019
C.Tara + David Gladden with Mike Hall: Insecure/Unsecure (Transmission 020)Wednesday, January 30 at 6PM

Kohl Gallery is pleased to present a multimedia performance by artist-collaborators C.Tara and David Gladden with Mike Hall on Wednesday, January 30 in Kohl Gallery.

Tara & David Gladden

Insecure/Unsecure (Transmission 020) is an experiential, immersive, multimedia performance that explores how signals are transmitted, received, processed, and decoded. Performance, projections, video and sound take the viewer on a dream-like journey through the signal flow.

About the artists: C.Tara and David Gladden are life partners and collaborative, interdisciplinary artists. Their wide-ranging multi-layered body of work includes video, sound, animation, painting, performance, photography, installation, and sculpture. Their projects take on many different forms to explore various histories and a multitude of contemporary issues while navigating ontologies of humanity, spirituality and identity.

Their works are often ritualistic, durational, poetic, and experiential. Whether filming performance actions in natural environments, composing 3-d animations, forming immersive environments, creating interactive media performances, or sculpting metal objects that present new ways of viewing the moving image, they are concerned with the many facets of human perception; how we experience, process and interact with the world. To this end, they use experimental, avant-garde strategies in order to present alternative ways of seeing and being.​

See more at www.gladdenworks.org

Tara & David Gladden

Tara & David Gladden

Tara & David Gladden

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