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Talking to Strangers

  • Steven Li ’17, a business management major, has visited four continents.
    Steven Li ’17, a business management major, has visited four continents.
January 16, 2018
Steven Li ’17- China International student Steven Li discusses his trips around the world during his time at Washington College.

I’m an entrepreneur and an explorer. After my sophomore year, I went to Rome for a month, and it opened up the gate for exploring the world. I’m still friends with everyone I met on this trip, including a girl from Sydney named Georgie. When I went to Australia, she showed me around. It’s fascinating how people connect. I put my energy out there; they can accept my energy to talk to me and have an interesting conversation, or they don’t. Usually they do. When you are traveling, you never know who you are going to meet; they might become friends or business connections.

Coming from Beijing, China, studying abroad was a huge step for me. When I got here in August 2013, I did not know anyone in America. I could barely speak English at the time. But I still took the initiative to make the biggest change of my life by pursuing my college degree in America—a country with a totally different educational system than mine. That’s what I wanted. I have a lot of American friends now and I started the Chinese Student Union because I thought it was important for American students to understand Chinese culture.

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