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Taking his expertise to Tokyo

February 27, 2013
Professor Andrew Oros spent a recent week in the Japanese capital briefing Diet members, policy researchers and students on prospects for U.S.-Japanese Relations.

Dr. Andrew Oros, associate professor of political science and international studies, spent a mid-winter week in Tokyo lecturing and discussing Japanese-U.S. relations with members of the Japanese Diet, university students and members of the public. His visit, February 9-15, was sponsored by Japan’s National Diet Library, which functions much like the Congressional Research Service here in the United States. 

Oros, an expert in Japanese politics, U.S.-Japan relations and East Asian security, briefed 11 Diet members and 25 legislative staffers on what to expect under a second Obama Administration.  He also engaged in a lengthy Q&A with the staff of the National Diet Library, a place he knew well because he had conducted research there for his 2008 book, Normalizing Japan. His visit culminated with a three-hour public event in a packed 300-seat auditorium at the Library. He delivered a 45-minute lecture, participated in a roundtable discussion with several professors from prominent universities in Tokyo, and then took questions from the audience. 

“It was so gratifying to have these senior professors listen to my talk and respond with their own questions and perspectives,” says Oros, who serves as Director of International Studies at WC. 

Oros’s week in Tokyo also included a visit to the U.S. Embassy, lecturing at International Christian University, and catching up with Japanese friends from his own college days. “The whole trip went even better than I had expected. And I had lots to share with my students when I returned to Chestertown,” he adds.

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