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Taking flight at Medical School

  • Manny Keiler
    Manny Keiler
October 17, 2018
Far from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Manny Keiler ’17 has launched his medical career as a MD candidate at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, and will serve in the Air Force.

On Sept.r 13, Manny Keiler ’17 started as an MD candidate at UC San Diego School of Medicine. Upon graduating in 2022, Keiler will fulfill his obligation as a recipient of the Health Professions Scholarship Program and serve in the Air Force. Currently, he is interested in primary care, internal medicine, and anesthesiology, and excited to see where this journey will take him. 

After graduating and completing his residency, he will continue his journey by serving in the Air Force. From Washington College to the West Coast, Keiler is ready to go wherever his career takes him.

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