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Students’ Artistic Inquiries on Display

  • A gallery goer studies paintings from the 2013 end of year exhibition of student art.
    A gallery goer studies paintings from the 2013 end of year exhibition of student art.

Location: Kohl Gallery

March 28, 2014
The annual exhibition of student art fills Kohl Gallery. 

CHESTERTOWN, MD — Friday, March 28, brought to Kohl Gallery the opening of Hundred Proof, an exhibition of student artwork created during the academic year. The artworks, which were collectively accepted for inclusion by the Studio Faculty in the Department of Art, symbolize the broad range of talents and perspectives of students from a number of backgrounds. In addition to works by art majors, the exhibition also features pieces created by students from other academic backgrounds and by first-year students who are yet to declare a primary field of study. 

An opening reception on Friday, 5 to 7 p.m., featured not only the Kohl exhibition but a temporary satellite exhibition on one of the racquetball courts in the Johnson Fitness Center (see more below). 

Assistant Professor of Art Benjamin Bellas, one of the curators, says that the complex nature of many pieces blur the lines of categorization, appearing to simultaneously be a sculpture and a painting. Others, like an entry by Courtney Walls ’15, showcase “installation-based engagements with space.” Bellas’ faculty colleague and co-curator Heather Harvey adds that Hundred Proof reflects the interdisciplinary, inquisitive nature of students, many of whom were experimenting with various media and a wide array of subject matter. “We really wanted to convey that the students’ work is more about inquiry than aesthetics,” she says. 

Students whose work is on display include Monica Benitez, Eric Burcin,Jordan Cannon, Ian Culcasi, Patrick Derrickson, Meghan Dulin, Owen Gavin, Catie Hamilton, Ariel Jicha, Austin Lewis, Andradene Lowe, Sarah Nagel, Kylie Nottingham, Bethany Palkovitz, Nicholas Parrish, Jacqueline Petito, Rachel Rahm, Katie Ridgeway, Anya Schultz, Tim Shearer, Gavin Shuart, Eric Siegel, Ryan Stevens, Jenn Swaine, Laura Tocci, Melanie Torzolini, Katie Walker and Courtney Walls.

Gallery hours for Hundred Proof are 1 to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

Students in Harvey’s Installation/Site-Specific Art class installed the satellite exhibition on the racquetball court, which was showcased during the Friday evening reception.  Titled This Used to be a Racquetball Court… (and it bothers you more than it bothers me), it was created by Meghan Budge, Patrick Derrickson, Austin Lewis, Emily McWilliams, Bethany Palkovitz, Ryan Stevens, Jenn Swaine and  Liz Wiley.

 — George Gabriel ’14


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