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Senior Reading

  • 2019 Senior Readers.
    2019 Senior Readers.
  • Dr. Hall introduces senior readers
    Dr. Hall introduces senior readers
  • Mai Do reads.
    Mai Do reads.
  • Fatimata Kane reads.
    Fatimata Kane reads.
  • Laiken Harrigan reads.
    Laiken Harrigan reads.
  • Emma Hoey reads.
    Emma Hoey reads.
  • Reagan Harvill reads.
    Reagan Harvill reads.
  • Emily Holt reads.
    Emily Holt reads.
  • Jamison Jensen reads.
    Jamison Jensen reads.
  • Charlotte Lindsay reads.
    Charlotte Lindsay reads.
  • Barbara MacGuigan reads.
    Barbara MacGuigan reads.
  • Shannon Moran reads.
    Shannon Moran reads.
  • Hannah Wampler reads.
    Hannah Wampler reads.
April 29, 2019

On April 25, 2019 the Rose O’Neill Literary House hosted the annual Senior Reading. Graduating seniors were able to showcase their creative writing in front of an audience of peers, faculty, family and friends. The event is a celebration of the hard work put in by senior writers over the course of their four years at Washington College.

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