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Round 2 with The Stump

Date: April 20, 2016
The Stump is where our contributors stand to read their work aloud to the wide web-audience. Here we post audio recordings of select contributors reading their poems, stories, and creative nonfiction from the pages of Cherry Tree.


And we’re back at The Stump with new readings from our second issue! Here are the featured contributors you can listen to on our page:

  • Katie Berger, reading two poems from Swans
  • Jennifer S. Cheng, reading an excerpt from her creative nonfiction piece “in between such shadows”
  • Sally Rosen Kindred, reading her poem “An Aftermath”
  • Emilia Phillips, reading her poem “Apostrophe in Oregon Hill”
  • Lesley Wheeler, reading her two poems “Perimenopause” and “This Has Gone On Long Enough”
  • Laura Madeline Wiseman, reading her poem “Studs”

We’re also once again featuring a few chosen pieces from the new print issue as preview PDF on our Work We Love page. Here you can read issue 2 excerpts from Rick Barot, Sara Biggs Chaney, Vievee Francis, Roy Kesey, and Jennifer S. Cheng!

And if you still haven’t had enough? Well, then it’s time to subscribe! Get a copy of the full second issue with a new subscription here


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