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Pushcart Prize Nominations for Inaugural Issue!

Date: October 01, 2015
Though we are knee-deep in submissions for issue 2, we have taken a brief break from reading new work to decide which six pieces from issue 1 to nominate for 2016 Pushcart Prizes. The nomination period runs each year from October 1 through December 1.

Drum roll…


And our Cherry Tree inaugural issue nominations for the 2016 Pushcart Prizes are: 

  1. “Dead American Christmas Ghazal,” by Charlie Clark
  2. “The Exotics,” by Kate Gaskin
  3. “[That],” by Leslie Harrison
  4. “Stingray Touch Pool,” by Tanya Muzumdar
  5. “At the Sperm Bank,” by Bruce Snider
  6. “On Loving Others,” by Yerra Sugarman


Good luck to all of our nominees! We are so glad you chose Cherry Tree as a home for your fantastic work.

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