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Professor Smith’s Swan Song, in Dance

  • Karen Smith is retiring after 45 years teaching in the Physical Education department and leading the dance program.
    Karen Smith is retiring after 45 years teaching in the Physical Education department and leading the dance program.
  • A scene from the 2011 Spring Dance Concert.
    A scene from the 2011 Spring Dance Concert.
  • A dance from the 2012 performance.
    A dance from the 2012 performance.
  • Dances range from classical to modern.
    Dances range from classical to modern.

Location: Daniel Z. Gibson Center for the Arts

April 18, 2013
The annual spring concert performances by the Washington College Dance Company, April 18-20, will mark a career finale for program director Karen Lynn Smith, who is retiring after 45 years at the College. 

CHESTERTOWN, MD—The Washington College Dance Company, under the direction of Professor Karen Lynn Smith, will present its annual Spring Dance Concert in the Gibson Center for the Arts on Friday, April 19, at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, April 20, at 2:00 p.m. In addition, the Dance Company will present a special matinee mini-concert for local school children on Thursday, April 18, at 1:15 p.m. 

For the two main concerts, 32 students will perform a variety of dance styles—classical and contemporary ballet, pointe, modern dance, jazz, hip hop, tap, lyrical, and Asian dance. 

This year’s program will be especially meaningful because it will be the last for Karen Smith, the woman who has led the dance program at Washington College for 45 years. Smith, a professor of physical education and director of the Dance Minor program, will retire from Washington College at the end of the semester. She will perform in several pieces. 

Ensemble dances include modern pieces by Professor Smith, senior Melanie Mavins, and junior Carrie Hall; ballet pieces by junior Amanda Kloetzli and dance faculty member Asa Trinh-Smith; contemporary pieces by seniors Melanie Mavins and Zoe Woodbridge; hip hop dances by junior Chelsea Garzione and sophomore Rebecca Wozniak; jazz dances by senior Melanie Mavins, junior Kathryn Thoemke, and sophomore Francesca DiPaula; lyrical pieces by juniors Kathryn Thoemke and Carrie Hall and sophomore Rachel Petrie; an Asian dance by Trinh-Smith; and a tap piece by freshman Rebecca DeSantis. The show also will feature a dance from the repertoire of the Sho’ Troupe, the Washington College Dance Team, titled “Gaga,” choreographed by Francesca DiPaula ’14.

The dances include “The Show–Nos ne parlons pas français” by Frannie DiPaula ’15; “Misstep-A Ballet Faux Pas” choreographed by Amanda Kloetzli ’14; “Wild Horses” and “Can’t Be Tamed” choreographed by Rachel Petrie ’14; “Turn It Up and Dance with Me” choreographed by Rebecca Wozniak ’15; “Ah, Youth…” choreographed by Karen Smith; “The Contrast,” and “The Movements of Ancient Statues” choreographed by Asa Smith; “Secrets” and “Slow Me Down” by Carrie Hall; “I Think I Love You“ and “Fix You” by Kathryn Thoemke ’14;  “Dancing with the Devil” by Zoe Woodbridge ’13; “Bamboo Banga” by Chelsea Garzione ’14; “Dancers Don’t Need Permission” by Melanie Mavins ’13; and “Blow, Gabriel, Blow,” by Rebecca DeSantis ’16.

Seniors Sophie Braunstein, Aubrey Hastings, Melanie Mavins, Zoe Woodbridge, Kim Zepeda and Beilin Zia will perform solos they have choreographed. 

In addition to the choreographers, performers in the concert include: Senior Rebecca Sussman; juniors Courtney Gowland, Rachel Sayyad; sophomores MacKenzie Turnbull, Amanda Kloetzli; and Sophomores Emily Harris, Paula Mykytyn, Amber Washington; and first year students Kendall Davis, Emily Klein, Katherine Miller, Nicole Morgan, Anna Nazarro, Anna Windle, and Shenny Wang.

The Spring Dance Concert will feature a raffle for a chance to win themed baskets filled with goodies. Tickets for the raffle are $1 and can be purchased during all three performances, and winners will be drawn at the end of the Saturday concert.

The Dance Concert is free and open to the public. For more information, call 410-778-7237 or email ksmith2@washcoll.edu.

A dramatic dance from last spring's concert.



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