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Political Animal

July 01, 2013
With an eye on a career in politics, Kevin Lair ’15 secured summer internship serving constituents in Pennsylvania.

A year ago, Kevin Lair ‘15 had already identified his long-term goals – entering a pre-law graduate program to pursue an eventual career in politics – but hadn’t yet developed a path to achieve them. “My interest in law stems from two main areas. First, my interest and devotion to helping people surely encompasses the life of a lawyer. And second, my interest in running for public office would benefit from a background in law,” he says. “I knew I wanted to pursue law before I came to WAC, but I had many questions and lacked a definitive course of action, let alone the slightest idea of which first step to take.” Over the course of two short semesters, Kevin worked with his pre-law advisors to identify how to make the best of his undergraduate career. A political science major with a concentration on global business studies and a minor in economics, he has already planned a career path, selected courses, prepared for the LSATs – and found a way to experience national politics firsthand. This summer, Lair is interning with U.S. Senator Pat Toomey and U.S. Representative Charles Dent at their respective constituent offices in Allentown, Penn. The Career Center helped him with the application process, but Lair secured the opportunity himself. “I was offered the internships back in November after I had spoken with both the Senator and Congressman in regards to a research paper I was writing on the importance of political bipartisanship with a focus on America’s energy, healthcare, and economic policies,” he says. One of Kevin’s main responsibilities is conducting research on grants, military issues and regional matters through interviews, meetings and visiting other state constituent offices. “Most of the issues that come through the office concern Medicare, Social Security, veterans’ affairs, and immigration,” he says. “And a quick glance at CNN shows just how important these issues are today, with legislation recently passed and currently facing legislative action as well as recent Supreme Court cases.” Kevin’s dedication has already paid off; he was recently offered another position at Representative Dent’s campaign office, a position he hopes to pursue next summer in anticipation of the 2014 midterm elections. “The experiences I have enjoyed through this internship have further cemented my interest in politics and eventual public office. Unlike their respective campaign offices across the state or legislative offices in D.C., a politician’s constituent office focuses solely on the support services that the American people expect and deserve from their elected officials,” he says. “I particularly enjoy my duties because I get to meet Pennsylvanians from all walks of life and with varied backgrounds and needs.” Not only is his internship solidifying Lair’s passion for politics and law, it is also an integral step in achieving his undergraduate goals. “I feel confident in where my academic career is headed, and the limitless support of my pre-law advisors and fellow pre-law students have made all of this possible,” he says.

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