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Pegasus flies off page

July 31, 2012
Summer interns bring the Pegasus yearbook into the digital age.

With a college Twitter account, class Facebook pages, and even the dining hall menu accessible online, it was only a matter of time before Washington College’s yearbook would move to a fully digital format.

This summer, Olivia Mott ’12 and Aileen Gray ’14 were responsible for helping the Pegasus make this change. In their publications internship at the Rose O’Neill Literary House, the students created a record of the College’s history like never before.

“I hope that the project is a success,” said Gray. “I think we’re creating something that looks good and is really easy to enjoy.”

“I think most everyone will be able to make the transition [from print to screen] and have a positive experience with it,” agreed Mott.

Part of what this new online “yearbook” offers is a level of accessibility that the traditional print editions did not have.

“Everyone can see it,” said Mott. “Current and prospective students, parents, and alumni looking to remember their time here.”

“You can read it on your smart phone or iPad; we chose a format that makes it compatible for all sorts of technologies,” added Gray.

The online format also allows for a truly multimedia experience for the new Pegasus. Gray has compiled video footage from past college events, a feature that, she says, will open up new opportunities for the fulltime staff taking over the Pegasus Project in the fall.

“It will be even better when they start work on it. Staffers can go to events and post photo and video updates the next day. It gives people a chance to really dig into all the different clubs and organizations at WAC.” 

In creating a product that will be used by students campus-wide, both Gray and Mott have reaped many individual benefits as well.

“We’ve learned how to use Wordpress, Photoshop, iMovie,” said Gray. “[The internship] has helped us learn a lot of useful skill sets that can be carried over into other things, and hopefully one day, jobs!” 

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