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One Teen Story

July 19, 2013
From the makers of One Story …

Two years ago I bought a subscription to One Story, having fallen in love with the look of the single short stories that would arrive at my house every month. Their colorful covers remind me of candy and they are quite a treat. Since then I have read many wonderful stories, most of which are by authors whose names and work I had never before read. This past year I was happy to see that One Story expanded to One Teen Story, a competition for young writers between the age of 14 and 19.

Here’s how it worked. It was a nine issue series with the first eight stories being written by experienced writers and the ninth would be the contest winner. Now I did fall behind in my reading, as happens with me and short stories, and had to catch up during my summer vacation, which by the way is a nice way to spend your summer vacation. It turned out to be a great series, featuring Gregory Maguire, the 2012 Mary Wood Fellow Laura van den Berg, Aimee Bender, and Matt de La Pena, who will be the judge for next year’s competition.

One Teen Story’s first winner was Nicole Acton and her story “Night Swimming.” It is an incredible story, certainly worthy of taking home the prize and I’m amazed at the quality of work.

If you are interested in learning more about One Teen Story, check out their website or stop by the Lit House and read all nine stories. 

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