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Moments Worth Celebrating

  • Yue Sun ’20 traveled from China to study at Washington College.
    Yue Sun ’20 traveled from China to study at Washington College.
April 03, 2018

Yue Sun ’20, from Zhengzhou City, China, has flourished at Washington College.

All students approach campus involvement differently. For Yue Sun ’20, it was the kung pao chicken recipe she shared at the Chinese Student Union potluck. As the saying goes, the stomach is the way to the heart, and this student showcase of international fare provided the perfect opportunity for her to make friends quickly. 

Sun, originally from Zhengzhou City, China, brought her cookbook to Chestertown, but perhaps more importantly, she also brought a proclivity to celebrate academia, her peers, and the Washington College community.

An economics major and psychology minor, Sun has flourished in the academically demanding environment of Washington College due in part to her passion for learning. Yet Sun says that it was an introductory art class that gave her the courage and tenacity to navigate college academia.

“I didn’t have any fundamental drawing skills, but everyone in the class would encourage you,” Sun says. “It didn’t matter if you could not draw anything. It gave me a lot of confidence.”

Sun had learned a valuable lesson: if you put in the effort, success will follow. For her, that means membership in the Douglass Cater Society of Junior Fellows, an honor for the College’s most distinguished student scholars. Sun is thrilled about the opportunity to apply for one of the Society’s competitive grants. Her academic success is not possible without incredible dedication. Sun admits, with a laugh, that you can frequently find her studying or meeting with professors in her free time.

Outside of the classroom, Sun is busy helping others. From encouraging the academic efforts of students as a peer tutor in economics and Chinese, to helping fellow international students navigate college in America as part of WC’s Global Education Office, Sun has a full schedule.

But what would college be without a little fun? Sun also finds immense joy in her role as a member of the Student Events Board, a student-run organization dedicated to building community and fostering friendships. From organizing comedy shows to planning homecoming festivities, Sun has made celebrating Washington College and its students an immense part of her college experience.

As an individual who has purposely integrated so much joy into her life, Sun finds it difficult to identify a single moment that can be defined as her most cherished memory. “Frankly, every moment will be my favorite memory of Washington College.”


— Emily Holt ’19


Student Involvement:

  • Economics/Chinese Student Tutor
  • Douglass Cater Society Fellow
  • Chinese Student Union
  • International Student Guide
  • Student Events Board

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