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Medieval May Day Celebration

May 11, 2018
What does a resilient local food system taste like? Permaculture interns and Chaucer students sought to find out.

Students in the Permaculture Internship and Dr. Courtney Rydel’s Chaucer class collaborated to research historical foodways, future food resources, and the skills and ethics that might be part of a resilient, local food system in the first ever Medieval May Day Celebration.

Guests at the celebration sampled Martha Washington’s mead, pickled magnolia blossoms, fermented breads and foraged greens, fresh herbal cheeses and butters, wild salads made from campus trees, and the delicate essences of spring flowers. See the full menu and learn more! Thanks to program sponsors: the Barbara and George Cromwell Center for Teaching and Learning, the English Department, the Student Government Association, and everyone who bought campus honey and edible houseplants!

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