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Love at First Sight

  • Rachelle Martinez ’14 celebrates graduation with her parents.
    Rachelle Martinez ’14 celebrates graduation with her parents.
June 12, 2014

The first time she came to WC, Rachelle Martinez knew it was the place for her. Her parents’ Army service made her dream a reality.

The military life runs like a deep river in Rachelle Martinez’s family; her mother is an Army medic who has served in Iraq, and her father served in the infantry in the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

So a military school for college was the first choice for Martinez ’14, until a blown knee and the surgery to repair it cost her that chance. It was her high school lacrosse coach, a Washington College alum, who suggested a different path. Amanda Arnoult ’05 encouraged Martinez check out WC as she looked at larger schools as well.

“I came here with my best friend, did my tour, met the lacrosse coach, and I went home that night and I said, ‘I’m going to go there, Mom.’ I fell in love with everything here.” Martinez majored in psychology, with minors in philosophy, and justice, law, and society. A lacrosse team goalie, she earned the 2012 most-improved player award after making her first career start against NCAA tournament team Montclair State and getting the win.

The College’s contribution to the Yellow Ribbon Program was the key to Martinez being able to pursue her undergraduate education here, she says. As soon as Martinez came home announcing that Washington College was her first choice, her mother immediately started researching how to pay for it. “Because Washington College has a Yellow Ribbon Program we were able to do it,” she says.

After graduation, Martinez took over management at a Panera, a job that will help her fund graduate school to get her master’s degree in clinical psychology.  

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