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Issue 4 Reviewed at NewPages

Date: January 01, 2019
“There is a catharsis in this issue that feels as if it is still on the verge of fulfillment, yet we can hope that literature will allow us to purge the hurt, the violence, and the apathy from our lives sooner rather than later.” Issue 4 gets a stellar review at NewPages!


Issue 5 Reviewed at NewPages

Cherry Tree’s fourth issue is praised in a new review by Anne Graue published at NewPages

The following contributors got shoutouts for their work: Jan Beatty, Berry Grass, Jenn Leiker, Michelle McGurk, Jessica Murray, Ellen Davis Sullivan, and Julie Marie Wade. Congrats, y’all!

Read the full review here: Cherry Tree 2018 at NewPages

You can get a copy of Issue 4 for your further reading pleasure at Small Press Distribution. We’re currently finishing up production on our next issue. So, subscribe today for Issue 5!

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