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Intern at Rockland Immunochemicals

  • Mackenzie Bosack with Research Project
    Mackenzie Bosack with Research Project
  • Mackenzie with Research Team
    Mackenzie with Research Team
October 31, 2018
With hopes of becoming a pediatrician, Mackenzie Bosack ’19 spent her summer working as a Quality Control Intern at Rockland Immunochemicals, running purity tests and performing research of her own. 

Where did you intern?

This summer, I worked as a Quality Control Intern at Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. in Limerick, Pennsylvania. Rockland is a family owned company that produces antibody and assay kits for clients such as General Electric, the NIH, and GlaskoSmithKline. 

What were your responsibilities?

At Rockland, I worked under a mentor who was a Quality Control scientist. I helped her perform daily assays, including western blot, SDS page, dot blot, and Lowry assays. Prior to being sold, products would be submitted by other scientists in the company, and we would test them for purity. Concurrently, I developed and worked on a project using magnetic beads to create a working protocol that the company can use in the future to assist their clients. 

What was the most meaningful, relevant, or educational part of your internship?

Instead of watching someone else perform daily assays, my mentor would teach me and then expect me to perform the tasks myself. I really enjoyed this, since I was always working hands-on, and held to the same trust and standards as the rest of the scientists at Rockland. I had a lot of freedom and responsibility, as well as a strong mentor, which made my time much more meaningful. 

Will this work inform your senior capstone? How so? 

Just the other day, I was reading a research article for my SCE, and one of the materials used in the methodology was produced by Rockland. Although my topic doesn’t directly relate to the research I did over the summer, the knowledge about assay techniques and immunology will be very helpful, as I read and analyze research for my SCE. 

What are your career aspirations?

I am planning on taking the MCAT this spring, so that I can apply to medical schools in the fall and enroll the following year. I am hoping to become a pediatrician. 

Why should prospective students consider studying biology at Washington College?

The biology faculty and pre-medical committee are dedicated to seeing their students succeed. Each of my professors has helped me develop the knowledge base that I need to do well on the MCAT, as well as thrive during my summer internship. Biology professors are focused on more than just academic success though; they also genuinely care about our wellbeing and emotional and mental health. My professors always offer the best life advice, and I feel like they are a huge asset and resource to the medical school admission process. 

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