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Insights into Japan-China Relations

December 02, 2013
On the eve of Vice President Biden’s trip to East Asia, Professor Andrew Oros offers the China Central Television network his take on what to expect.

WASHINGTON, DC—Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies Andrew Oros was interviewed by the Chinese television network CCTV America over Thanksgiving break. He spoke with host Anand Naidoo about U.S. Vice President Biden’s visit to East Asia this week, and about China’s dispute with Japan over ownership of the Diaoyu islands (known as the Senkaku in Japan). China recently declared an Air-Defense Identification Zone over the islands. 

Watch the November 30 news segment here

Oros also was interviewed by CNN International from Hong Kong, again on the topic of escalating China-Japan tensions in advance of Biden’s trip. 

Oros is a specialist on the international and comparative politics of East Asia and the advanced industrial democracies. He has focused his research on approaches to managing security and on the linkage between domestic and international politics. He has authored or edited several books on Japanese security, including Normalizing Japan: Politics, Identity, and the Evolution of Security Practice (Stanford University Press, 2008), and Global Security Watch: Japan (Praeger Press, 2010). In Fall 2010, as a Japan Foundation Abe Fellow, he spent six months in Beijing and Tokyo researching prospects for China-Japan-US trilateral security cooperation. 


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