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In the Game

  • Kevin Wilson protects the cage from a W&L attackman.
    Kevin Wilson protects the cage from a W&L attackman.
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April 07, 2017
Kevin Wilson ’19 is powering through his studies in business and economics.

Men’s lacrosse coach Jeff Shirk knows how to bring out the best in his players. For starting defenseman Kevin Wilson ’19, that means performing well in the classroom, too. If he’s not lifting weights or running drills at practice, the double major in business management and economics is probably in the library.

Wilson, the son of Washington College alumni Matt and Sharon Wilson, grew up playing lacrosse, basketball, and soccer; he participated in all three sports at Centennial High School in Ellicott City, Maryland. So, when he arrived at Washington College, he was already an expert at time management. “Since the first semester of my freshman year, I’ve gotten in the habit of getting my assignments completed ahead of time.”

Recruited by Washington College and another Maryland school with a strong lacrosse program, Wilson took the advice of a family member: Choose a school as if you couldn’t play lacrosse.

“Of my two choices, Washington College offered the stronger academics,” Wilson says. “I’m learning how the financial markets work. I want to know how to run a business. Right now, I’m applying for internships in finance.”

His stellar grades and internship experiences will distinguish him in the job market. His strength and determination as a competitor make him a standout, as well.

“I’m not the fastest guy on the team, but I’m a patient player,” Wilson says.” I don’t like to put myself out of position. I’m focused on not getting beat, and not letting my guy score on me.” 


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