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Geographic Information Systems Open House

November 14, 2015
Washington College’s GIS Lab is hosting an open house on November 14, when its staff will showcase a new STEM program for local youngsters, demonstrate current projects, and hand out free licenses of GIS software. The event is part of the Maryland STEM Festival and coincides with the College’s November Admissions Open House for prospective students.

Josh Hyde ’16 and Steve McFall ’16 look over some data in the GIS Lab.Josh Hyde ’16 and Steve McFall ’16 look over some data in the GIS Lab.Project demonstrations by current Washington College students will include web site design, 3D visualization, virtual worlds, crime analysis, traffic analysis, environmental analysis, and animations. Journeyman leaders—WC undergrads who have climbed the lab’s leadership ranks to the top—will also be working alongside nearly two dozen 7th-, 8th-, and 9th-graders who are part of the newly formed METS Guild of Chestertown (Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science), which introduces middle- and high-school students to GIS technologies and their myriad uses. Funded by the Verizon Foundation and the Upper Shore Regional Council, the competitive program offers students in grades 7-9 free education and training at the College’s GIS Lab on web design, 3D visualization, and GIS.

“Our event is meant to showcase the work of all of our guild members from our 7th-, 8th-, and 9th-grade members of the METS Guild to our apprentices and journeymen Washington College students,” says Stewart Bruce, GIS Program coordinator and assistant director of the Center for Environment and Society, of which the lab is a part. “If you want a sneak peek at the amazing technology projects our youth members and young adults are doing this is an open house tour you will not want to miss.” 

Brad Janocha ’16 and Daniel Benton ’17 are journeyman leaders in the GIS Lab.Brad Janocha ’16 and Daniel Benton ’17 are journeyman leaders in the GIS Lab.All of the lab’s 50 workstations will be busy with students demonstrating projects in a wide range of topics, from stormwater runoff and environmental management to crime mapping and historic reconstruction. Students will be handing out the lab’s free licenses of GIS software and information and explaining how anyone can sign in for free and learn how to use GIS.

Although the lab is within walking distance of the main campus, a shuttle will transport prospective students and their families who are on campus for the Open House to and from the GIS Lab.

The GIS Lab Open House, from 12-2 p.m. on November 14, is at 151 Dixon Drive, Chestertown, Md. For more information, contact Stewart Bruce at 443-282-0012 or sbruce2@washcoll.edu. For more information about Washington College’s GIS Lab, go to http://www.washcoll.edu/centers/ces/gis/


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