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Finding Joy in the Arts

  • Debbie Reed has worked for Washington College since July 24, 2014. 
    Debbie Reed has worked for Washington College since July 24, 2014. 
September 20, 2017
A theater buff, Debbie Reed happily pitches in behind the scenes to help the shows go on.

“Every day is different,” says Debbie Reed, the faculty administrative assistant in the Gibson Center for the Arts. Debbie is in the business of support, tending to the details that help the departments of theater and music run smoothly, and pitching in as needed. Debbie can be found doing anything from making copies for busy professors to scheduling practice rooms.  She also hopes to have the chance to work on sets with students—something she has done at a community theater venue in Delaware.

 “I work at a small theater behind the scenes, at The Everett in Middletown,” she says. “It’s the theater where The Dead Poets Society was filmed. It is very cool to be there. I watch that movie every time I get a chance, just to see that part of it.”

Is she happy in her job? “Happiness means doing the things that you are meant to do with your life,” Debbie says. “It is having things in your life that feel like accomplishments, and having relationships that are important to you.” With a son recently married and upcoming shows in the works, Debbie has a lot to be happy about.


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