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Feast, Famine, and Food

  • Neoma Rohman will discuss the food systems on Maryland’s Eastern Shore on Oct. 24
    Neoma Rohman will discuss the food systems on Maryland’s Eastern Shore on Oct. 24
October 12, 2016
On Oct. 24, National Food Day, the Center for Environment & Society invites local food activist Neoma Rohman to talk about the food systems on Maryland’s mid-shore.

Living on the Eastern Shore, it’s impossible to ignore the fields and crops that make up a third of all of Maryland’s farmland. But did you know that one in ten residents on the mid-shore struggle to get enough to eat?

Startling facts like that, and the issues surrounding our local food system, are central to a presentation by Neoma Rohman, “Feast and Famine: the Food System of the Mid-Shore,” marking National Food Day on Oct. 24. The talk at 6:30 p.m., in Hynson Lounge on the Washington College campus, is free and open to the public.

National Food Day is a celebration and movement for healthy, affordable, sustainable food. Though we all need to eat, most Americans buy their food at the store and think very little about where it comes from, the people who grew it or made it, and the journey it traveled before it arrived on their table.

Rohman is a local-food activist who is deeply involved in food-system issues, especially those of food equity, food justice, locally grown foods, and sustainable growing practices. She and her small family maintain a tiny urban homestead. In her talk, she will address the perceptions and reality of the food system on the mid-shore, where she lives and works, exploring the realities of life here on the shore, how the “system” really works, and what you can do to help. After her presentation, stick around to talk more with Rohman and taste smoothies made from local aronia berries.

Feast and Famine: The Food System of the Mid-Shore is free and open to the public and sponsored by the Center for Environment & Society at Washington College, the Chestertown Environmental Committee, Phi Beta Kappa Theta of Maryland, and Figg’s Ordinary. For more information on the workshop, visit the event page at http://www.washcoll.edu/live/events/12245-feast-and-famine-the-food-system-of-the-mid-shore. For more information on Neoma Rohman’s work visit http://eleventhhousesolutions.com/ .

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