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Don’t Worry. We’re Happy!

October 30, 2017

The Princeton Review ranks WC among the top twenty schools in the nation with the happiest undergraduates in its 2017 college guide released Aug. 1.

According to The Princeton Review, Washington College is among the nation’s very best institutions for undergraduate education, but its distinctive approach to mentoring undergraduates has propelled the college to the very top of the chart that measures the happiness factor. Washington College ranked 16th in the nation for Student Happiness, as noted in the 2018 edition of its college guide, The Best 382 Colleges.

Only about 15% of America’s 2,500 four-year colleges and two colleges outside the U.S. are profiled in the book, which is one of The Princeton Review’s most popular guides. Published annually since 1992, it has detailed profiles of the colleges with rating scores in eight categories. The book also has ranking lists of top 20 schools in 62 categories, including the Happiest Students category. All of the ranking lists are based on The Princeton Review’s surveys of students attending the colleges.

“I’m delighted to see Washington College featured in The Princeton Review as one of the best 382 colleges for 2018,” said College President Kurt M. Landgraf. “Washington College is all about the students, and I am proud to know that our ranking as having the happiest students speaks to our student-centric efforts that help foster memorable experiences for them that will have a positive impact both on their personal and professional lives.”

In its profile on Washington College, The Princeton Review praises WC for its “truly personalized education,” and quotes extensively from Washington College students the company surveyed for the book. Among their comments: “Living at Washington College is as good as a college experience can get.”

“We chose Washington College for this book because it offers outstanding academics,” said Robert Franek, Princeton Review’s editor-in-chief and author of The Best 382 Colleges. “Our selections are primarily based on our surveys of administrators at several hundred four-year colleges. We also visit dozens of colleges each year and give considerable weight to opinions of our staff and our 24-member National College Counselor Advisory Board. Most importantly, we look at valuable feedback we get from each school’s customers — our surveys of students attending them. We also keep a wide representation of colleges in the book by region, size, selectivity, and character.”

The Princeton Review does not rank colleges from 1 to 382 in any category. Instead it uses students’ ratings of their schools to compile 62 ranking lists of top 20 colleges in the book in various categories. The lists in this edition are entirely based on The Princeton Review’s student survey. The 80-question survey asks students to rate their schools on several topics and report on their campus experiences at them. Topics range from their assessments of their professors as teachers to opinions about their school’s career services. The Princeton Review explains the basis for each ranking list at http://www.princetonreview.com/college-rankings/ranking-methodology.

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