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DMS Wins 2015 International Videographer Awards

January 22, 2016
Digital Media Services received three awards from films produced this past spring. Catch all the details below!

Small Town Big Heart is the film created by students in the Sociological Documentaries course, team taught by Ryan Kelty and myself this past spring.  It was entered in the Student Production category, putting it up against films produced by other students (including those graduating from top undergraduate and graduate film schools).  This film not only was well received on campus, but was also thought of highly by the Videographer Awards judging committee who gave at the highest rated Award of Excellence. 

In the early planning stages, Alex Castro described the forthcoming Waterlines: Riverbank exhibit/performance as the biggest thing to come from Sandbox to date.  With such an ephemeral experience, DMS was challenged with creating a Waterlines interpretive art film (rather than a historically accurate documentary) to preserve the experience and to use for communicating with donors and the Sandbox Board.  The resulting short film (4:28) received the Award of Distinction by the Videographer Awards judging committee.  

Our Día de Fútbol film is a short promotional version (4:30) of the full length documentary (28:00) created as part of a community outreach program. The Día de Fútbol program works with Spanish and English speaking children in the region to get them reading, playing soccer, and getting to know the faculty, staff, and students at Washington College.  This highlights version of the full film was awarded Honorable Mention by the Videographer Awards.  


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