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Cold Nose, Warm Heart

October 03, 2017
Puck, a therapy dog, spreads joy through licks and kisses.

Puck, the furriest staff member of Washington College, can’t help but become the center of attention. On the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, students can be seen sprawled across the floor of Hodson Hall cuddling with Puck. In an academically demanding atmosphere charged with midterm stress and GPA requirements, Puck offers students the opportunity to take a moment and breathe.

Puck is regularly awash with affection from everyone that passes him, and his job as therapy dog plays to his interests in hugs and belly rubs. His interest in humans started from a young age, he explained, “Woof! Woof, woof woof woof,” before he trailed off in search of a biscuit.

In his free time, Puck and his human, Laurie, play with his little brother Augie and donate blood to other pups so they can be happy and healthy, just like Puck. Puck’s life mission is to spread happiness to everyone he meets… and to sniff out any peanut butter people will share with him.

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