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Books by the Numbers

April 24, 2019
Literary House Press Intern Justin Nash ’21 writes about the latter half of his internship.

Since this internship began, I’ve acquired 105 books. I bought 2 of them because the college bookstore was having a sale. 7 of the books were sent to me as a thank you from Wave Books for having asked about ways the Literary House could support their press and writers. The other 96 are from our trip to the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Conference in Portland three weeks ago.

As Literary House Press intern, I was able to attend the 19th annual AWP Conference with 3 other interns, 3 members of the Writers’ Union, and the Lit House staff trio. Working our booth in the Bookfair was amazing. I was lucky enough to run into 2 amazing writers I get to consider mentors, meet 6 of our Cherry Tree contributors, and sell 15 broadsides, 4 books, and 1 hat to 10 amazing people. I was able to go to 6 spectacular panels and 3 equally spectacular readings. The most important things that happened, though, all revolve around those 95 books.

Justin Nash '21 & Gabby Rente '20 work the Lit House booth at the 2019 AWP Conference Bookfair.Justin Nash '21 & Gabby Rente '20 work the Lit House booth at the 2019 AWP Conference Bookfair.

Lindsay had told me Heidi Czerwiec, a (1) writer whose work I admire and whose Twitter profile never fails to make me laugh, would be stopping by the table. Though we missed each other on the first pass, when she came back I introduced myself and explained my admiration, at which point she pulled a copy of her Fluid States, her latest collection, out of her bag, signed it, and put in my (2) hands.

Later that day, I went to the Wave Books table, bought 4 of their latest titles, and was able to meet and thank (1) Ryo Yamaguchi for having sent me books in the weeks before the conference.

At readings for Muzzle, Vinyl, Sibling Rivalry Press, and YesYes Books I was able to thank 11 writers and editors I admire and have them sign (12 total) copies of their books.

All of the books Justin acquired at the 2019 AWP Conference & Bookfair.All of the books Justin acquired at the 2019 AWP Conference & Bookfair.

After a grueling 12 hour flight home and 2 weeks to recover I’ve been able to look back fondly on this internship and everything I’ve been exposed to because of it. There are 3 weeks left, in which time I’ll be finishing our 36 page product catalog and mailing it out. The promise of having back my 10 free hours each week has me looking to the end, but it’s an ending (1) that’ll be bittersweet to say the least.

Oh, yeah, I actually do know how much I spent on all those books. It was [redacted].

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