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Banking on the Future

  • Business management major Austin Hepburn ’18
    Business management major Austin Hepburn ’18
    Shane Brill
February 28, 2018
Austin Hepburn ’18, a business management major writing his senior thesis on a small cap bank on Pennsylvania’s Main Line, is the first Washington College student to be awarded a scholarship from Risk Management Association.

On First Fridays in Chestertown, most students gravitate to the art galleries and boutiques along High Street. Austin Hepburn ’18, a business management major and varsity lacrosse player, makes a beeline for Chesapeake Bank and Trust, on the corner of High and Cross streets. Over the cheese plates and cookies, Hepburn and his friends talk hunting, fishing, investing, and future careers in banking.

“At the Career Fair last fall, I met a lot of great people from the Eastern Shore, and one of them was Glenn Wilson, president of Chesapeake Bank and Trust,” Hepburn recalls.  He asked for my résumé and later reached out to me. He’s on the board of a foundation that gives scholarship money to college students, and he encouraged me to apply.”

Hepburn—who interned last summer with a mortgage lender in Pennsylvania and who is writing his senior thesis on Bryn Mawr Trust, a small cap bank headquartered near Philadelphia—learned in January that he had been awarded a $3,000 scholarship from Risk Management Association (RMA), a professional association for the financial services industry. If the money weren’t earmarked to help pay for college, he says, he would have invested it.

 “Investing has always been an interest of mine,” says Hepburn, who has taken relevant classes with Hui-Ju Tsai, associate professor of business management, every year.  In his junior year, Tsai encouraged him to interview for a spot in the Brown Advisory program, directed by industry expert Richard Bookbinder. Now in his senior year, Hepburn serves as co-chief investment officer of the student investment group that manages a portfolio valued at more than $930,000.

“The Brown Advisory program has been one of the most influential and one of the best classes I’ve taken here so far,” Hepburn says. “In terms of investing, the concepts we go over and the current events we break down every week all shape our investment decisions.  Mr. Bookbinder will ask really simple questions, but that will spark in-depth conversations about what’s influencing the market.”

As for Hepburn’s own future, he’s weighing a lot of options but one thing is certain. He has friends—and favorite hunting and fishing spots—just too wonderful to forget. “’ll be coming back to the Eastern Shore no matter what.”

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