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Backyard Chickens 101

  • Increasing numbers of people are raising their own chickens for eggs.
    Increasing numbers of people are raising their own chickens for eggs.

Location: John S. Toll Science Center

February 18, 2013
Three free events will explore the risks and rewards of raising hens at home, starting Tuesday, Feb. 26.

CHESTERTOWN, MD –– “Backyard Chickens,” a series of three free talks at Washington College, will educate interested local residents about the benefits of raising chickens in a backyard setting, as well as the practical aspects and potential pitfalls of the endeavor. 

The first talk, “Backyard Chickens 101,” will take place on Tuesday, February 26, at 7 p.m. in the Litrenta Lecture Hall of Toll Science Center. The featured speaker is Jay Douthit, a Faculty Extension Assistant at the University of Maryland’s College of Agricultural and Natural Resources. 

The second installment, “Companion Gardening: Having a Healthy Yard with Chickens,” is scheduled for March 5 with Brigid McRea, a Poultry Specialist at Delaware State University. 

The third event, a panel discussion entitled “Chicken Roundtable: All Your Questions Answered,” will take place on Tuesday, March 26. 

The series is sponsored by the Student Environmental Alliance (SEA) and the Center for Environment and Society, both at Washington College. SEA advisor Shane Brill says his group wants to gauge community interest in raising chickens, an activity that is growing in popularity across the country as a means to promote sustainability and health.

Chestertown presently has an ordinance preventing people from owning livestock, notes Brill.  “We are simply saying, ‘Here’s what’s involved in having chickens,’ and hoping to spark discussion and consciousness about the benefits of raising your own food. The talks and panel discussion offer a framework for a larger conversation about nourishing the vitality of our community.

“Towns and cities across the country have rediscovered the health and environmental benefits of backyard egg production,” he adds.  “The ‘Backyard Chickens’ series is an awareness campaign inspired by a commitment to sustainability through local food.”

For more information, visit chickensforchestertown.org.

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