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Asking What Wood Could Be

July 11, 2013
Furniture artist Vicco von Voss ’91 is getting community support as he prepares for a museum show of his work. A video feature from Voice of America tells the story.

Washington College alumnus Vicco von Voss ’91 was interviewed for a Voice of America feature on how the community is supporting his art. A fine-furniture maker who creates elegant pieces from salvaged wood, von Voss usually sells pieces soon after he completes them. When the Academy Art Museum in Easton, Md., invited him to showcase his work in an upcoming exhibit, he felt it would be unrealistic to ask his clients to part with their treasured furniture pieces for the two months.

Chestertown gallery owner and all-around arts supporter Carla Massoni came up with a novel solution that is enabling von Voss to stretch his creative muscles even further in preparing for the museum show. Read about the Chestertown “Seed Project” and watch the video here.


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