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Andy of All Trades

April 14, 2017
Andy Chirico wants to make the most of his time at WC. With a 2018 graduation date steadily closing in, he has, since starting WC in the fall of 2014, pushed himself to experience as much as possible during his four years.

As a marketing intern for Admissions, the sports editor and video coordinator for The Elm, an athletics broadcaster and announcer, a digital assistant for College Relations and Marketing, and a Best Buddies volunteer – Chirico considers these extra-curricular activities to be just as important as his classes. “Anyone can go to classes, but at the end of the day that’s not going to make you successful,” Chirico stated. “You need the experience to succeed in the job that you get. I’ve really tried to gain all the personal experience that I can.”

Along with this mindset of wanting to experience it all comes Chirico’s considerably full schedule to manage. “You definitely have to prioritize, when you’re working every day and you have five classes, you need to keep your grades high for your scholarships, and you want to have time for friends, and you want to work out. If you have to wake up at 5 a.m. to do it, that’s what you do. You learn a lot about yourself when have a lot on your plate.”

The business management and economics major with a minor in marketing got started early in dabbling in the things he found interesting. He began writing for The Elm in his freshman year, and took a trip with Habitat for Humanity to get some volunteer work under his belt. Chirico’s passion for sports broadcasting at WC started before he even became a student.

As a high school senior, he visited Washington College and met with Phil Ticknor, Assistant to the Athletic Director for Communications and Academic Support, about a possible sports broadcasting position, and that opened the door to the many activities he takes part in. “I interviewed with Phil and he offered me the job if I were to come to WC,” Chirico stated. “I saw that there would be opportunities for me to try new things and get involved, and I really liked that.”

The ability to explore his interests outside of the classroom has been a defining feature of Chirico’s education. He sees it as the new norm and an increasingly important part of learning. “I think Washington College does a good job in teaching outside of the classroom which has made my time here really enjoyable. You know classes happen, but the majority of learning now happens outside of the classroom, and I think a lot of people learn better that way. By doing.”

It isn’t just about gaining experience for Chirico. There is more than just the added value to his degree. It is, ultimately, about the connections. “I definitely have learned time management and responsibility and social skills, and without a doubt, how to be professional. But most important - I’ve met so many people, and those connections you make at school…that’s something I’m always going to cherish.”


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