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Alumni in Media Panel

October 11, 2015
Suzanne Fischer-Huettner ’95, Megan Walburn Viviano ’07 and Laura Reiter ’10 returned to campus to address students about their careers in media as part of Path to Passion programming by Alumni Relations. All three women credited the education and opportunities they had at Washington College with preparing them for their careers.

Laura Reiter ’10, Suzanne Fischer-Huettner ’95, and Megan Walburn Viviano ’07Suzanne Fischer-Huettner ’95 started working in ad sales for the publishing industry and said it was working hard that made her stand out from the crowd. As publisher of The Daily Record, Fischer-Huettner has seen the media landscape shift, creating two audiences for her publication: a younger audience that prefers online content and an older audience that is loyal to print. The Daily Record offers job shadowing and internship experiences to WC students. Learn more from the Center for Career Development.

Megan Walburn Viviano ’07, an executive producer at WJZ TV, started working for the station after graduation thanks to a mix of luck (a position opened up) and hard work (offering to work over winter break following a summer internship). For Viviano, the shifting media landscape includes embracing new technologies like social media. She suggested students to use social tools for promotion to provide concrete examples to potential employers how they were able to increase readership or participation. During her time at WC, Viviano served as editor-in-chief of The Collegian features, and she encouraged students to seek leadership roles—a sentiment the other women of the panel shared.

Suzanne Fischer-Huettner ’95,  Laura Reiter ’10,  and Megan Walburn Viviano ’07Production editor Laura Reiter ’10 is a prime example of how leadership roles can open doors. After serving as editor of the International Studies Review, Reiter had a tangible product to take with her when she applied for her job at Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. With her previous experience, she was able to move into a role with more responsibility than an entry-level position.

Other key takeaways from the program included the importance of networking with an emphasis to connect with alumni and their networks. Students interested in media externships or internships should check in with the Center for Career Development or visit the Path to Passion profiles to learn more about available opportunities.


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