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A legacy made in the USA

September 13, 2012
Brenna Schneider ’06 leads American MoJo.

As an Iinternational aid worker, Brenna Schneider ’06 helped textile artisans in rural India develop their handicraft businesses to support their families. Now she is guiding similar efforts as part of the executive team at American MoJo. Their mission is to create jobs for women in this country, reviving the long, proud tradition of American Manufacture that once thrived in Lowell. Schneider starting working as a consultant at MoJo while a student in Brandeis University’s School for Social Policy & Management, and she explored the company’s business model in her capstone thesis work. After graduation she joined the company full-time. An International Studies major at Washington College, Schneider served as President of the Model UN, took a trip to Cuba with Dr. Christine Wade to meet with women’s organizations, and received the prestigious George Washington Medal Award at graduation. She spent the following year in Bhuj, India, as a recipient of the American India Foundation’s William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service, where she became acquainted with a textile industry very different from any known at home. At the end of her fellowship, Brenna returned to the United States, committed to addressing what she calls the “feminization of poverty” around the globe. During her graduate studies, she interned with Prosperity Candle, a global company that employs women from distressed parts of the world to created handmade gifts. “I love this organization because its mission of helping women improve their lot in life is something I truly believe in and want to follow in my own career at American MoJo.” As Vice President of operations, Brenna is a vital part of MoJo’s growing enterprise. She focuses on inventory management and the production process for customized products. All the while -she empowers employees with opportunity and skill. MoJo helps women earn promotions and advance their careers by cross-training them on a number of products. Schneider’s personal and professional experiences have demonstrated that women can change the world, if given a fair change. “I believe that women are the most direct link to the next generation and therefore well positioned to inspire and achieve lasting change.”

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