Office of Information Technologies

SANS Training

March 13, 2017

Washington College is helping to protect you and your family in the digital age!  As part of our new security awareness program, we have contracted with the SANS Institute, a recognized industry leader in information security, to provide you with the latest concepts and practices on how to protect your information, computers, and devices via SANS’ “Securing the Human” program.


What is Securing the Human?


Securing the Human is the SANS Institute’s online security training system, designed to educate on current cybersecurity threats and how best to defend against them in today’s world.  The training system is Web-based in the form of short “YouTube-length” videos and interactive activities to communicate important security concepts that apply to both the home and the workplace.


Why is Washington College doing this?


Washington College is implementing a security awareness program in order to not only equip its faculty and staff with the knowledge needed to protect the college’s information systems and data, but also to help protect yourselves at home and when using personal devices.


What is being asked of me?


Only about 30 minutes of your time, to complete a few short online tutorials intended to get you acquainted with cybersecurity.  Simply log on to , using your Washington College username and password, to access the training once it’s ready (you will receive system generated notifications and reminders via email).  Complete one module, or as many as you like in any one sitting, at your convenience (but don’t forget to finish them all!).

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