Generation to Generation

December 07, 2016
As the nation marks the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, Washington College students talk to some of the people who still remember that “day in infamy” and how they coped with the hardships of war.

The men and women who fought in World War II are now in their 90s. With each passing year, our nation loses members of the “Greatest Generation” whose heroism on the frontlines and whose sacrifice on the homefront helped define what it is to be American.  So many remarkable stories would be lost, were it not for a group of Washington College graduates who listen and learn from the people who lived through World War II.

The StoryQuest Project, an initiative of the College’s C.V. Starr Center for Study of the American Experience, is preserving these oral histories for generations to come. Among those listening is Smithsonian Magazine.


Read the Smithsonian’s coverage of the StoryQuest Project.


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