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One Teen Story - Laura van den Berg

  • Laura van den Berg
    Laura van den Berg
November 28, 2012
Some of you may remember Laura van den Berg from her visit to Washington College last spring. Laura was the 2012 Mary Wood Fellow and shared with us some of her incredible work … 

Many of you have probably seen that the Lit House has a subscription to One Teen Story, and so far we have received 3 issues. The first issue was “The Deadline” by Gayle Forman; second issue was “The Freshwater Mermaid” by Gregory Maguire, which most people will recognize as the author of Wicked. The third issue is by the 2012 Mary Wood Fellow, Laura van den Berg.

Anyone who has ever read a Laura van den Berg story knows that they are engaging, well written and for lack of a better word, different. My personal favorite story of hers is one titled “Mansion,” about a group of three people who live in a house that they call the Mansion. It would be better for you to read it than watch me type about it.

The story featured by One Teen Story is titled “The Greatest Escape” and I’ll let you read it rather than tell you about it.

No spoiler alerts needed in this blog post.

If you are interested in learning more about One Teen Story or One Story, click here and here respectively, or watch this video and stop by to read Laura’s, Gayle’s and Gregory’s stories. 

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