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Sprickets, Say the Alumni

  • Japanese Camel Cricket
    Japanese Camel Cricket

Location: Rose O’Neill Literary House

November 15, 2012
Back at the Crunchable Colloquium, WAC Alumnus Kevin Brotzman read a short story about “Sprickets.” Yes, sprickets, those awful ready-to-jump-and-land-on-you Camel Crickets that look like spiders. 

It was a great short story and I think everyone has had some kind of run-in with Sprickets.

Recently I found out about a study being conducted at NC State called Camel Cricket Census. It turns about that the camel cricket that most of us have seen in creepy basements, dark closets, and quiet garden sheds, is actually a species that was brought over from Japan. Turns out that the Japanese cricket (with stripes) is much more common than the American cricket (without stripes). 

So is

Calling all eagle-eyed observers of wild life. Get ye too to your basements, crawl spaces, sheds, garages and other dark, damp corners of your home — We want you to join us on the hunt for camel crickets!

Over the Christmas break, the Lit House will be participating in this study and donating the sprickets from our basement. 

If you would like to participate and “donate” crickets in the name of science, please visit the links about and join the effort. 

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