New Semester, New Ideas

January 29, 2015
Keep a lookout for opportunities and ways to get involved with the WAC Campus Garden this semester!

As we start this new semester we have some business to take care of outside of the garden itself. We are working with the Student Environmental Alliance, SEA, to set up dates for monthly Campus Garden Clean-Ups. These will be open to students and faculty and will be run by SEA as well as the Campus Garden Interns (Alyx Cash and Brooke Burghardt).

We are also going to be participating in “Earth Week” through the Center for Environment Society, CES, to have a campus-wide clean up and plant dedication at the campus garden. More information on this will be posted to the CES website as well as a blast email being sent out to the student body.

Currently we are working on organizing the seeds, donated to us by Wintersown, so that we can plant and harvest the seeds during the proper seasons. Also, this list will be helpful for future interns to refer to. We are developing a new campus garden layout for the conclusion of our internship and preparing the current plants for blooming in the spring.

Another exciting step we are taking as interns is to start a Campus Garden Interest Group.  This is the first step we must take in order to start a garden club.  This step will help the garden evolve into more than an internship position and more towards a place that can be an educational learning environment enjoyed by students, faculty and the surrounding community. Make sure you stay tuned for more information on the interest group, clean up dates and the Earth Week clean up and dedication. 

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