Boats ‘n Hose

September 21, 2014
In the past week we have made a great deal of improvements to the garden!

During this past week we built three cold frames to prepare for the winter season so that we are still able to grow produce.  In one of the frames we were able to plant radishes. At the garden there are a lot of overgrown weeds. We have been clearing a small space at a time by pulling out the weeds and it has made such a difference in the appearance of the garden. This week we were also able to use some of the techniques we learned at the colleges in our Campus Garden. We used the technique of hugelkulture for one of the fruit trees we have in the garden.  The donated herbs were also planted in the boxes and they are thriving.

On Thursday the 18th, it was locally grown food day at the dining hall and we were able to supply them with a small amount of tomatoes, peppers, and a melon. Our Campus Garden logo sign was displayed next to the produce we supplied at the dining hall.

Lastly, on top of working in the garden, we worked on assembling a cardboard boat for the boat race at the Waterfront Festival.  The name of our boat was, “Lettuce Turnip the Beet.” We were successful is the race, winning the Kon-Tiki Award.  This award was for the best theme and costumes, which came along with $50 cash prize. This money will be donated to the garden.

The success of the race will continue in the garden! Keep a look out for an email regarding more details about Casey Time next Sunday, September 28th

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