Office of Student Engagement

The Faces of SEB

September 04, 2014
Are you curious as to who sets up student events? Want to know who is behind the curtain? Below, the directors of SEB, the brains behind the events, are listed as well as what they are most excited about this year!

 Madeline Margulies: President of SEB

“I am excited for having fun events that bring the WAC community together! I am also excited for new members to join SEB.”

 Ceara Scanlon: Vice President of SEB

“I am excited to be running the General Board Meetings as well as playing a larger role in the events that take place on campus.”

 Rachel Dilliplane: Director of Mainstage Events

“I’ve been working on the board in some capacity ever since my Freshman year (so about 3 years now) and I could not be more excited for this year. I’m really looking forward to Comedy Week in November (10-14th) . I want to make it a huge event that has a little bit of something for everyone whatever your sense of humor may be. It’s going to be a ton of hard work but the pay off will be amazing! An entire week of jokes, pranks, improv, and general hilarity. What’s not to love?”

 Jocelyn Faro: Director of Special Events

“I’m excited to get more involved in the WAC community by planning fun events for everyone to take part in!”

 Katie Gordon: Director of Traditions and School Spirit

“Firstly, I am excited to be in my new director’s position as Director of Traditions. I am ready to take on the challenges of Homecoming and Birthday Ball. Although I am also very excited for all the other events put on by my fellow coworkers. I look forward to Comedy Week, Open Mic Nights, Bus Trips, and so much more. I’m most excited to form an SEB family among the directors, get to know more students through the General Board, and have an amazing year!”

 Michelle Coleman: Director of Arts and Entertainment

“As far as SEB, I’m really looking forward to creating more international student friendly events that not only provide international students the comfort of feeling at home again, but to give domestic students the opportunity to learn about the various cultures they live on campus with. I plan to use my position at the Office of Multicultural Affairs and mix their ideals into SEB and hopefully establish a happy medium of the two.”

 Ryan Stevens: Film Series Director

“I am extremely excited to bring the Film Series back and to show a bunch of great movies throughout the year!
I am also excited for everyone else’s events as well and to help out any way I can!”

(Not Listed: Tom Brennan, Director of Off Campus Events)

 Also, Kellyanne Ford, a previous SEB president and 2014 Washington College Graduate, has rejoined us as the Assistant Director of Student Activities!

 There you have it folks! The faces behind our SEB events! 

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