Educate Through Sports

April 16, 2014
Men’s lacrosse freshman Keita Christophe ’17 has long been familiar with the responsibility of balancing academic and athletic endeavors.

Having excelled in both fields at McDonogh School, he is now aiming to further his education in the same vein at Washington College.

“It was a combination of the academics, the lacrosse, the location and especially the overall feel I got from the school,” Christophe says of his motivations for choosing Chestertown.

“Content is presented in different, dynamic ways and professors care about me not only as a student but as a person,” he explains.

The Owings Mills, Md. native enjoyed an illustrious high school career with the Eagles, his team garnering a winning record and a national ranking to match in every season. Yet as an “outstanding participant” in the National Achievement Scholarship Program who featured three times on the Dean’s List and eleven on the Honor Roll, Christophe proved himself just as much in the classroom as he did on the lacrosse field.

It should therefore be of no surprise that since making the journey across the Bay Bridge to pursue an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Clinical Counseling, Christophe has continued in similar fashion. Already proving to be a valuable contributor on the 2014 Varsity Men’s Lacrosse team, his sights are firmly set on his academic future too.

“By the start of my senior year, hopefully I’ll be in the Cater Society, doing well in school, looking toward Phi Beta Kappa, and at the same time competing for conference and national championships,” he notes.

Image courtesy of Lance RogersImage courtesy of Lance RogersChristophe, a Presidential Fellow, is clearly comfortable with lots on his plate, and also seeks to get involved with Enactus and Relay For Life next year. While such an array of commitments might seem a burden, to him it’s the very fact his goals are so lofty and his schedule so busy that allows him to deal with it. 

“Being on the lacrosse team has helped improve my overall experience, because my team is a group of 50 guys who have my back no matter what. They act as a family away from home,” he says.

That applies across the board, whether he’s holding a pen or a lacrosse stick. “I am in class with several of my teammates and it’s easier to study for exams and stay on top of everything. The study halls for freshman have also helped me because they give us a structured time to sit down and get work done without distractions,” he adds.

To those who may be one or two years younger than he and contemplating matching their academic pursuits with collegiate-level sports, Christophe offers the following advice:

“Definitely do your research and visit, because Washington College is a special place. You can be sure you’ll learn a lot both inside and outside of the classroom, have fun, and make some really good lasting friends.”

With a clear and concise direction for the trajectory of his academic career, and the men’s lacrosse team off to a fantastic start at 8-1, it seems certain that Christophe has nothing less than a bright and rewarding future ahead of him. 

—George Gabriel ’14

Educate Through Sports gives an insight into the life of Division 3 athletes at Washington College, documenting the experiences of new freshmen who are balancing their sports with their studies.


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