Roadmap to the RN

  • As a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, Ashley Sowers ’15 helps raise money for breast cancer awareness and prevention, and parti...
    As a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, Ashley Sowers ’15 helps raise money for breast cancer awareness and prevention, and participates in the annual Relay for Life, which raises funds to fight cancer. 
April 01, 2014

With the guidance of 3:2 nursing advisor Rosemary Ford, Ashley Sowers ’15 is following a sure path to nursing school.

Ashley Sowers ’15 comes from a family of nurses, so she understands the vital role these healthcare professionals play in patient care. She also recognizes a good deal when she sees one.

 “I really like the benefits of the 3:2 program,” says Sowers.  “Not only do you pay Washington College tuition for just three years, you avoid the nursing school application fee, the entrance test is waived, and you aren’t required to complete the senior capstone experience.”

There are strict curricular guidelines to follow and some bureaucratic hurdles to contend with, but Sowers says Professor Ford is a strong advocate for her nursing students, quick to call her colleagues at the University of Maryland to confirm that an application is complete or that the appropriate credits from UM transfer back to Washington College.

 “That first week of school, Dr. Ford holds an orientation meeting for students interested in nursing.  She sat down with me and mapped out my schedule and what classes to take over the next three years,” Sowers recalls. “I was lucky to come in with some AP credits so could add a math minor to my major in biology.”

Sowers also appreciates the high caliber of the biology coursework of particular interest to future nurses. “Immunology with Dr. Verville is one of the greatest classes because it applies to what I’ll be doing—fighting off infection. And Dr. Krochmal’s Anatomy and Physiology class is amazing. He makes some of the labs medically related, and all of his exams ask you think critically. He definitely made me think and reason in a way I never did before.”

Satisfying the experiential requirements, Sowers volunteers at the nursing home where her mother works, and shadowed a nurse at Carroll Hospital Center—near her home in Westminster, Md.—last summer.

 “I’ve seen the tremendous impact nurses can make, and I want to do something just as meaningful,” says Sowers. “Ultimately, I’d like to be a nurse anesthetist.”

 She’s already got her future mapped out.

 “After earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing, I’ll spend a year working in ICU, and then apply to the program, which takes two and a half years to complete.  It’s a great field to work in, especially for working moms.”

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