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5 Stars for Issue 3!

Date: April 27, 2017
“I’d gladly sit in this cherry tree’s shade.” Our third issue receives high praise from literary magazine reviewers at The Review Review.


Cherry Tree’s third issue has received a glowing 5-star review from Nicholas Olson at The Review Review. Here’s an excerpt: 

“This lit mag offers a welcome variety of forms, all of them trending toward the conventional while still taking stylistic risks. The pieces it publishes get in when they need to and leave right on time. Characterizations are fresh, novel, and telling, and there’s an emphasis placed on the quality of prose on a sentence by sentence basis. Writers would do well to submit stories with strong characterizations or poems that exhibit a mastery of language. Given the quality of the material presented, I’d gladly sit in this cherry tree’s shade.”

Quite a number of our contributors got shoutouts for their work: Stephanie DickinsonR.M. FradkinAshley RobertsonPhillip B. WilliamsShara LessleyRajiv Mohabir, and Kate Anger. We’re so proud of this issue and the amazing work our contributors have produced. 

Read the full review here: “Sufferings That Touch the Heart in Powerful New Lit Mag”

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