Educate through Sports

January 16, 2014
Julia Jakus ’17 discusses her experiences as a first-year student and fall athlete.

After travelling 2,300 miles from Cedar City, Utah, freshman soccer player Julia Jakus seems most at home when she’s on the move. A planned international studies major, Julia intends to weave French into her degree at Washington College and wants to study abroad in both Africa and Europe.

“I was looking at schools where I could play soccer, and Washington College had everything on my list academically. This place has everything you need, and you won’t ever be bored here. It’s the perfect match.”

Jakus also notes that the vibrant and busy nature of the dual-experience has eased her transition into college.

“I was initially worried about being homesick, being so far away from home, but my team has a lot to play into that. I can’t even imagine not playing [soccer]. Waking up at 4:45 a.m. for preseason wasn’t the best thing about being on the team, though!”

On the soccer field, Jakus is a winger, required to run up and down the channels at pace in perhaps one of the game’s most aerobically demanding positions. It wasn’t where she played in high school, but it’s where Head Coach Kanute Drugan feels he can get the best out of her ability. 

Jakus’s spirit of adventure and willingness to take on new challenges is already helping her to get the most out of being at Washington College. She may have just arrived in Chestertown, but that hasn’t stopped her from  mapping out where she’ll be in the near future.

“In the spring of my sophomore year I’m hoping to go to Morocco because it’s a really interesting culture in the center of everything. They also speak a lot of French, which will help me to direct my international studies major. Then, in my junior year, I’d like to go to Grenoble, France to further progress the French element of my degree.”

Clearly, Jakus is comfortable with the idea of moving around, whether it’s to attend school, for part of her degree or as part of her role on the Shorewomen’s soccer team.

“Whether it’s 100 miles or 1000 miles, it’s pretty much all the same because you’re relying on yourself. You might as well go some place entirely different. It’s been an exciting adventure for me so far!”

—George Gabriel ’14

Educate Through Sports: A Fall Athlete Series gives an insight into the life of Division 3 athletes at Washington College, documenting the experiences of new freshmen who are balancing their sports with their studies.

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