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This Year’s Comedy Week

December 03, 2013
Did you enjoy Comedy Week? We know we did! Get some background information on the event and see what Obella, the Director of Mainstage events, had to say!

            SEB’s annual Comedy Week started off with the hilarious movie “We Are The Millers” and the week only continued to get better with the “Whose Line is it Anyway?” event, the student comedian competition, and finally ending with a bang with the comedian, Tommy Johnagin. This year’s Comedy Week was definitely one of the best as a result of the planning done by Obella Obbo and the Student Events Board.

            Obella and SEB started planning for this week way ahead of time, which in his opinion, “inevitably helped it run so smoothly”. He also found Tommy Johnagin a while ago and when talking about Johnagin, Obella said, “I thought he was hysterical and genuinely a great guy!” Well you were definitely right, Obella!

            Not only did Comedy Week bring out some good laughs, it also allowed for participation, which made it all the more enjoyable. As Obella said, “I think it was awesome we got to utilize some of our own students as a part of the week and I think that’s why it was so well attended which is a great representation of WAC pride.”

            Comedy Week certainly brought our campus together for some good fun and laughter and we hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to look forward to having more fun at our events next semester!

Kayla Kyle

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