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SEB Halloween Party 2013

November 07, 2013
The tricks and treats of SEB’s Halloween Party!

“The Halloween party was probably one of the most, if not the most successful, themed party we’ve had at WAC (outside of birthday ball and homecoming of course).”

-Shana Brouder, Director of Arts and Entertainment

         The SEB Halloween party, which has been the best themed party as of yet according to Shana Brouder, was definitely a success. There was a consistent amount of people in attendance, everyone was dancing, and the floor was free of conflict. But why was the party such a success? The success was a result of Shana going above and beyond to make this party different and more interactive than ever.

         While planning the event, Shana found that the most important aspect of the party was to get people involved and active and this led her to the idea of making a raffle. Not only did the raffle encourage people to come to the party and participate, but it also eradicated the possibility of discouraging different groups in coming at all. Nobody likes feeling left out!

         The most difficult part of planning the event, said Shana, was the decision against making it an official costume party, but in the end it made it more successful. More people were willing to come because they did not have to dress up and the people who wanted to dress up got to come as well and be entered into the raffle. All in all, Shana made the best decision.

         SEB’s Halloween Party came out on top with its interactive raffle and lack of strict costume rule. Such a success brings Shana hope for her coming events. She said, “I’m really pleased with the results and am hoping that this will be the first small party of many with the same success. I’m hoping to change the attitude of the general student body about these types of events.”

         Looking for another amazing SEB party to go to? Come to SEB’s 90’s party on November 15th at 9pm.


Jack Street enjoying SEB’s Halloween Party.

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