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NACA: National Association for Campus Activites

October 29, 2013
On October 17th our SEB President, Kellyanne Ford, Director of Arts and Entertainment, Shana Brouder, and Director of Student Activities, Heather Morris traveled to Buffalo, New York to check out NACA, the National Association for Campus Activities. Check out our first blog post Here to find out more!

            NACA Mid-Atlantic, The National Association for Campus Activities, hosted a conference, held in Buffalo, New York from October 17th to October 20th this year, in which student events boards, like our very own WAC SEB, gather to view talent, check out new merchandise, and learn about new opportunities. Our Director of Student, Heather Morris, President of SEB, Kellyanne Ford, and our Director of Arts and Entertainment, Shana Brouder all took the time to attend this conference in order to better our Student Events Board.

            Our directors’ mornings started at 7:30 a.m. and continued well after midnight. First, after breakfast, Heather Morris would head to Block Booking, in which she booked agents to come to WAC for later events, while Kelly and Shana attended educational session, five in total, in which they learned how they can improve SEB, work with a small budget, and how to think outside the box with such ideas as “Not Your Average Homecoming”. After all three finished their meetings, they came back together and joined the rest of the participants in watching Showcases, in which act like acapella groups, comedians, singers, and improv groups would perform for 10-15 minutes each. After seeing many of these performances, Heather, Kelly, and Shana would head to camp where they were able to interact with the agents, the talent, and receive demos of products. Finally, to end an informative day, our directors went back to block booking to schedule only the best talent to come to our school before collapsing in their beds.

            After talking with Heather, Kelly, and Shana, it seems that our Student Events Board is on its way to being better than ever, with the flow of new ideas, change in event production and advertisement, increase in feedback, promise of new talent, and new experience in working with a small budget. As for what Shana, Kelly, and Heather have to say, they all expressed excitement at their new realizations and experiences: “It was a totally unique experience that I am so happy that I got to be a part of. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun,” said Shana. Kelly said, “It was fun and informational. It also gave us the opportunity to discover new acts that we wouldn’t have normally thought of.” The most shocking yet exciting news came from Heather when she said, “NACA gave us the opportunity to save more than $5,000 for next semester.”

            Well WAC, look forward to seeing a new and improved SEB, presenting new talent, out of the box ideas, and refreshing change in the ensuing months! Great job Heather, Kelly, and Shana!

            Want to learn more about what goes on in SEB? Look out for our next blog post coming soon!

-Kayla Kyle 

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