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July 25, 2013
“When I was five, I sat on a mailbox and watched as John F. Kennedy came to Stuyvesant, the Town where I grew up, ten days before the 1960 election. I got the bug, and I have been passionately interested in politics ever since.” 
—David Axelrod, NBC’s political analyst who served as chief political strategist for both of President Obama’s campaigns, talking with his colleague, John Harwood, during the Harwood Colloquy on National Affairs, May 1, 2013. 

The British Are Coming! And Winning

“Stephen Brumwell has won the $50,000 George Washington Book Prize for his biography of the first president, George Washington: Gentleman Warrior (Quercus). An historian who was born in Portsmouth, England, and now lives in Amsterdam, Brumwell received the award at a ceremony last night at Mount Vernon. The jurors’ citation said, “In the hands of this fine biographer, Washington emerges as a flesh and blood man, more impressive than the mythical hero could ever be.”
— Ron Charles, “Stephen Brumwell Wins George Washington Book Prize,”  Washington Post, May 22, 2013


South Korea Summit

Experts said the Park-Obama summit would provide them with a good chance to build a personal relationship. “It’s always a good sign for the leaders of our countries to meet and ensure that the alliance remains strong,” Mitchell Reiss, president of Washington College in Maryland said. “I am sure that North Korea will dominate the bilateral agenda,” added the former senior State Department official. “But there are other issues that should not be neglected, including trade and commerce, ROK-Japan relations and China’s increasing assertiveness over the past few years across the East Sea.” 
— the Korea Herald, April 16, 2013


Heartbreak Hotel

“As the five young writers sat with bated breath, Pulitzer Prize-  winning Washington Post book critic Michael Dirda told them that a life of wordsmithing would bring them pain. One of them would soon win the nation’s most lucrative literary award, the Sophie Kerr Prize, and experience a moment of greatness. Dirda spoke to those who lost. ‘You will feel heartbroken for a while, but if you pursue a literary career, it’s best to get used to that feeling,’ he said.  On Tuesday night at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Washington College bestowed its annual Sophie Kerr Prize on Tim Marcin, a 22-year-old graduating senior from Wilmington, Del., who hopes to pursue a career in sports journalism.”
 — Carrie Wells,  “Winner of $61K Kerr Prize Announced,” Baltimore Sun, May 15, 2013.


Chestertown’s America

“The students, working in teams of two and three, are presenting research on the history of four eighteenth-century houses all within walking distance of the Starr Center. They have consulted archival documents (town records, family wills, bills of sale, and much else) concerning the history of the properties and the families who lived on them; they have also interviewed the current owners. They speak fluently about property lines, windows, doors, crown molding, renovations, and so on until an unwitting visitor might mistake this for a class in architectural history. The students know which owners had slaves, which had indentured servants, which were abolitionists, which families were respectable and which were not. … In short, they are learning the lesson of Ted Widmer and Adam Goodheart: how to find the telling detail and connect with an audience.”
 — David Skinner, “Majoring in History,” Humanities Magazine, May/June issue 2013.



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