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Literary House Prize Event

  • The 2013 Senior Reading
    The 2013 Senior Reading

Location: Rose O’Neill Literary House

April 29, 2013
Announcing the winners of The Literary House Genre Fiction Prize, The William W. Warner Prize for Creative Writing on Nature and the Environment, and The Jude & Miriam Pfister Poetry Prize from the Academy of American Poets.

On Tuesday, April 30th the Rose O’Neill Literary House will host its final literary event of the 2012 - 2013 academic year. The Senior Reading has been a long standing tradition at Washington College, dating back to the 1970s before there was a Rose O’Neill Literary House. In fact, one of the first students to participate in the Senior Reading was English Department Professor Kathy Wagner, we have the poster for proof. 

On the walls of the Literary House are many volumes of framed posters with the names of the dozens, and now even hundreds, of students who took the opportunity to read their poems and prose to their peers and professors.

A lot of writing talent has come to the Literary House, and in most years the eventual winner of the Sophie Kerr Prize has participated in the Senior Reading. This list includes Brandon Hopkins ‘97, Stephanie Fowler ‘01, Tanya Allen ‘94, Doug Rose ‘86, Katie Degentesh ‘95, Peter Turchi ‘82, Art Bilodeau ‘78, Dean Herbert ‘88, Emma Sovich ‘08, Norman Prentiss ‘84, Liam Daley ‘07, Sarah Blackman ‘02 and last year’s winner Katie Manion. It will be interesting to see if this year will stay true to this statement.

One difference for this year’s Senior Reading, in addition to announcing the winner of The William W. Warner Prize, is the announcement of the winners of two new prizes, The Jude & Miriam Pfister Poetry Prize from the Academy of American Poets and The Literary House Genre Fiction Prize. All three prizes are given annually. For more information, please visit the Student Opportunities page on the Literary House website.  

Please come out for the announcement of the these three prize winners and to support our seniors before they graduate next month.

Best of luck everyone … 

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