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A Brit’s Blog Captures Life at an American College

April 12, 2013
You can learn a lot about George Gabriel by reading his blog on Huffington Post: That he’s a British exchange student from the University of Hull who has a deep interest in American politics and culture, for example.

That he loves soccer, makes friends easily and is always up for something new—like baseball or Maryland crab feasts.

You can also learn about what Washington College and life at a small liberal arts campus in America look like “through the eyes and keyboard of an inquisitive Englishman.” 

Gabriel, who grew up in the famous university town of Cambridge, is an American Studies major at Hull. For his year abroad, he zeroed in on Washington College as a place where he could experience life on a small campus yet still be near Washington, DC. A writer who was already publishing music reviews for the campus paper at Hull and fully engaged with Facebook and Twitter, he signed up right away when the Huffington Post tweeted its request for international student bloggers. 

In preparation for the thesis on American politics he will write when he returns to Hull next year, he is taking professor Jennifer Hopper’s course on the American presidency and studying 17th and 18th century American history with Kenneth Miller. He’s also learning about U.S. and Latin American Relations from Christine Wade and the history of Hollywood from Richard Striner. 

Here’s an excerpt from his post about playing soccer.

Within 15 hours of arriving, I was kitted out in the school training gear and practicing with a group of 28 guys who all shared a passion for the same thing—soccer. We had our first game of the season on Friday night, beating Shenandoah 3-0; our home crowd was fantastic, and the noise they make when you score is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Scoring my first goal for WC was a proud moment, and rather fittingly it came during the pouring rain; naturally, the jokes flew about me feeling ‘right at home!’ If you’re coming to an American university, I’d strongly recommend getting involved in sports, be it varsity, club or intramural. There’s nothing like it.”

Visit www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/george-gabriel/.

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