Study, Maybe

March 05, 2013
Washington College and University of Maryland concur: Meaghan Moxley ’11 is a rock star.

Everyone loved the video you and your classmates produced at the end of your first year of med school. Have you ever considered a career in music, instead of medicine?
Not at all! I enjoyed being in chorus and musicals in high school, but chose to pick up different activities in college. This spring, two of my medical school classmates formed an a capella group, and my participation in the “Study, Maybe” video stemmed from that. I’ve always loved to sing, and while I would never consider doing it as a career, I am really grateful to have music back in my life in a more organized way.

How did your first year go?
All in all, great! I have met many fantastic, brilliant people. I am lucky enough to be the VP of my class, so in addition to planning class events, I participate in curriculum development. I have learned a lot about how the human body should be working, and now this year get to learn about all the ways in which normal can go awry. Through a school-sponsored community service project, I also had my eyes opened to the struggles Baltimore City residents face. While spending time with members of the West Baltimore community, we discussed healthy eating on a budget in the unique setting of a grocery store tour. It was nice to help build a relationship between the medical school and a local grocery store looking to make a difference.

How well did WC prepare you for the rigors of med school?
Most notably, I came to medical school with an extremely strong research background. With preparation through coursework, opportunities such as the Hodson Science Fellowship and the Douglass Cater Society of Junior Fellows, and my senior thesis, this is one thing I see that sets WC apart from other institutions.
What other skills turned out to be relevant?
I think the most important skill I gained was confidence. So many people during my time at Washington College pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone and go a little further than I originally thought possible. I see myself now take on opportunities that before I may have let slip by, and each time realize how much I grew in those four years.

Were you the beneficiary of scholarship aid?
I was the beneficiary of a generous annual scholarship that made Washington College a possibility for me.

Why do you give back to Washington College?
For me, it’s simple - I believe in the benefits of a Washington College education. Whether giving back means helping someone like myself attain such an experience, or funding a new library that everyone can benefit from, I can think of no better way to say “thank you” for four years that shaped my life.

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